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Mastov Fight Club – Premier Martial Arts School for Kids and Adults. The school was established in 1995 in Israel by Sensei Ariel Mastov. Since then, the students of Mastov Fight Club continue to perform in various championships around the world. Mastov Fight Club is a member of international budo (martial arts) exchange association (I.B.E.A), and the world pro-karate association (W.P.K.A). The organization was established by Shihan Maezawa Takayoshi, 8th dan, in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan.
One of our goals is to create a great and positive atmosphere for our kids where they would have fun, play and train. It is vitally important for a child to have a balanced physical development through being active. Our training sessions help children to have a good tension relief after a busy day at school and this balance between mental and physical activities creates healthy routine while your kids are growing up. In addition to that, learning how to be disciplined will have a positive influence on child’s character it develops qualities necessary for becoming a high achiever in life.

Our high-caliber instructors are trained to teach:

  • Self defense

  • Motor skills development

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Self discipline

  • Respect for self and others

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Fitness

  • Fighting skills


Adult Classes

Classes are structured to cater to all levels, from white belt (mukyu)...

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Teens Classes

Exercises, techniques and functional games introduced during classes a...

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Kids Classes

Exercises, techniques and functional games introduced during classes a...

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